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Mohammed Moinuddin


Rules of Tajweed proper recitation of Holy Quran memorization of Holy Quran basic Arabic language


Assalamalaikum. I am Hafiz-ul-Quran and Online Quran Tutor from Hyderabad, India. I am 39 year old. I have memorized the whole Quran in 1990 at the age of 13. I learned the Quran in the riwayat of hafs from asim. I studied Tajweed rules and recitation in Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai/UAE. I have excellent knowledge of tajweed and tarteel. I recite the whole Holy Quran in Taraweeh Prayers. I am a high school graduate. I worked as a Medical Transcriptionist for a USA Hospital. I have excellent command of English language. I have 5 years of teaching experience. I teach Quran sciences like Tajweed (pronunciation, articulation, phonation), recitation and Hifz to different age groups of students at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. I teach Al-Qaida Al-Noorania, recitation and memorization of Quran to non-Arabic speakers. I have my own way of teaching tajweed in the easiest way, which makes easier for students to recite perfectly. I can teach Quran both in English as well as Urdu language. I teach the lessons with understanding of Quranic words. I also teach supplication/dua, Seerat Of The Noble Prophet P.B.U.H), Salah/Namaz, Six Kalmas, etc. I also teach the basic Arabic language. I am a self-motivated, organized and committed individual. I offer a free trial lesson. Finally, I want to dedicate my life to Quran teaching. Jazakallah...

Employment History

Medical Transcriptionist - Nuance Transcription India Pvt Ltd.
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001


Higher School Certificate - St. Maaz High School
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001