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Ali Mohammed


Teaching Quraan and Arabic language for all levels and ages.


Alsalam alaikom My name is Ali, I am an Arabic language and Quraan teacher for non Arabs, I live in Cairo, Egypt . I have 12 years experience in teaching Arabic language and Quraan recitation for Arabs and non Arabs from all over the world in all levels (Beginner, intermediate and advanced) and to different ages. My Goal is to achieve a noticeable progress with you in all skill (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) in the shortest possible time. I believe that the student can not develop his standard in any language he studies unless he is close to the teacher, so I am keen to be contacted to my students daily. I worked as an Arabic language teacher in an International school located in Cairo, and most of my collages are non Arabs. So that I have a wide experience in treating the people from different cultures.

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